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Run, Baby, Run!

14-03-2011     67

Run, Baby, Run!

Така, през изминалия толкова обещаващ уикенд захвърлихме ботушите и дебелите кожени боти и макар, да знаем добре, че още ще вали, изобщо не мислим да ги слагаме отново. Време е да се насладим на разноцветните, класически и удобни гуменки, към които все по-често ще обръщаме поглед в свежите пролетни дни. За да избягаме възможно по-долеч от зилата.

Откога го чакаме този момент!?

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Коментари 67
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After years because NBA's silent superstar, KD is usually finally speaking out. And here is why his transformation makes total sense Ladies and gentlemen, I give an individual Kevin Durant 2. 0: the actual world&apos s-my-oyster, body-adorning, liberated upgrade. It is this specific model he&apos s having, with his inimitable [url=http://www.kdshoes.us.com]kevin durant shoes[/url] talents, to the Golden State Warriors this fall, leaving the team he built from splinters into a perennial title contender, the actual Oklahoma City Thunder. In that way, he&apos s knowingly slipped into jeopardy his richly earned brand for the reason that game&apos s kindest celebrity, opening himself up with a barrage of criticism commonly lobbed by alt-right trolls. And why pretty much everything hatred for a guy who did things right, carried a franchise on his back for nine years as it tried to win a championship about the cheap? Because, for the very first time in his life, Durant prioritized themself, chose to pursue her own joy, not his sense of obligation to a lot of strangers. "All my existence, I&apos ve been any pleaser, " he states that, "put everyone else ahead of me. " He&apos d been a "basketball robot" in a "basketball trance, " trudging head-down in reference to his hoodie cinched tight, never asking for what he wanted or maybe asking himself that question for nervous about hurting teammates and lovers. Then suddenly, two periods ago, the hamster wheel stopped when he fractured a little bone in his feet. Unable to play or get off his couch for a few months, he picked his brain up, opened his massive eyes wide 每 and loathed what he noticed of his world. He was 25 as well as had never gone anywhere or done anything that wasn&apos t in your service of his activity. He needed to create some changes, and not the small-bore kind. Simply no, what was called intended for was a top-down upgrade, a blank-slate reassessment connected with his soul. It might begin and end along with one fundamental question: Consider some of the things in life that provide me pleasure? In L . a ., where I joined Durant&apos azines business tour (5 towns and four states in five days), we sat together at [url=http://www.stephencurry.us.com]stephen curry shoes[/url] an outdoors bistro, chatting about metropolis he&apos d just remaining. (This being Beverly Hills, of course Usher guides past us, dapping KD because he goes. Later inside the day, Kevin Love pushes by, waving from the particular window of his Porsche.) Since Durant quit Oklahoma before you start of July, all anyone had planned to ask him was exactly why he&apos d ditched his boys there to the squad of supervillains about Golden State. He&apos d been called everything nevertheless a radical Muslim simply by otherwise mannerly Oklahomans, their presumption being that will Durant was basket-hanging looking for a ring. That appeared, to put it generously, ungrateful. Six years ago, he spurned free agency to re-sign about the very day LeBron Adam abandoned Cleveland. While Adam was nationally broadcasting their departure, Durant blessed his fans within a tweet: "I love yall male forreal. " He was the particular semper fi soldier two years later when management traded away James Harden, their friend and co-superstar. Along with he held his tongue when, summer after summer season, the Thunder declined to feature a proven third option think Ray Allen within Boston, or Love throughout Cleveland. "Where other teams went out and got that expert guy, we kept getting younger, " he says having a sigh, pushing around a sausage link regarding his fork. Apparently it&apos ohydrates exhausting, even in storage, to carry a team on your back.
публикувано на: 06/06/2017, 04:04 от BobbyDog
Until 2 yrs ago, Durant had never taken a week&apos ohydrates vacation or been anywhere exotic for pleasure. Instead, he spent his off months doing what exactly he&apos d done since he discovered the sport as a boy: refining the court skills in wall-to-wall workdays which bordered on self-affliction. His sport is full of Type-A legends Kobe Bryant, along with his manic year-round drills James doing three-a-day routines but Durant is right up there [url=http://www.stephencurry.us.com]stephen curry shoes[/url] using them. He&apos d go morning hours, noon and night on the Thunder&apos s facility, fixing his soft spots through the three-point stripe or mastering back-to-the-rim moves inside the low blocks. He&apos d already won the particular scoring title four years out of five, been the league&apos utes MVP in 2014, in addition to been a five-time All-NBA first-teamer. When sanity argued that he take a month away from and go clear his or her head in Bora Bora, he&apos debbie instead put his gaunt figure through unrelenting hell until eventually, finally, it had adequate and broke down. And for that reason, two winters ago, he or she sat on his lounger and began the emotional accounting of full adulthood. For twenty years, his inner life was in a cryonic frost nova almost every decision, large and small, was deferred in the interest of his craft. His house in Oklahoma had stuffed with guys he&apos d acknowledged growing up in Couch Pleasant, Maryland, though to listen for Durant tell it, he&apos d had few if any friends for the reason that hard-knock town. His houseguests lived that up at his position and drove his cars to the clubs, but did small or nothing to enhance their cause or, as an example, his. Videos surfaced with TMZ: Durant shot which has a toy dart by Justin Bieber a vial of medicinal weed falling out of his truck. He&apos d avoided the most common leg-traps of extended teenage years drunk busts, baby-mamas and also after-hours beefs. (Durant doesn't have children and has by no means been married, though he was briefly engaged in order to [url=http://www.kdshoes.us.com]kevin durant shoes[/url] Monica Wright, who plays within the WNBA.) Still, he was acting like a passenger in his existence, not the self-made brilliant who&apos d reached great heights precisely by soaring alone. As a baby, he&apos d been forced to generate a Faustian bargain to move himself and his family outside of danger. He sacrificed his boyhood within the altar of his gift, forsook friends and girls and the opportunity to just be a kid as a way to practice from dawn to be able to dusk. Between eight and 18, he lived inside a tunnel that was never quite this current or the future, kissing off a decade to get that one-in-a-million baller that gets drafted high enough to purchase his mom needing work and retire her from the crossfire of the roadways. He grew so extended and thin his class mates called him Skeletor while he trudged to category on clown-shoe feet. His mom worked the night time shift loading postal pickups, so as far rear as elementary school it had been on him to ready for class and to set something in his tummy at lunch and an evening meal. "She&apos d give me $20 to last this week, " he says. "I ate a great deal of Drake&apos s Cakes as well as Little Debbies. ".